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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

What is happening on our behalf through Christ’s incarnation?  Let us hear the voice of His Church in a sampling of her divinely wrought hymns.

The Creator, when He saw man perishing, whom He had made with His own hands, bowed the heavens and came down; and from the divine and pure Virgin did He take all of man’s substance, being made truly flesh: for He hath been glorified.

O Christ, who hast made Thyself in the form of a creature of vile clay, by Thy sharing in that which is worse, even our flesh, Thou hast made us partakers of the divine nature; for Thou hast become mortal man, yet still remainest God.  Thou hast raised up our horn, holy art Thou, O God.

Christ our God, whom the Father begat from the womb before the morning star, has come, made flesh; and He who doth hold the reins of the undefiled powers, is laid in a manger of dumb beasts.  He who looseth the tangled cords of sin, is wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Father George






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