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Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

The Nativity of John the Baptist (After feast), Venerable Martyr Febronia

July 8th, 2018

The greatest among those born of women - Thus our Lord Jesus Christ calls St. John the Baptist.  His mission to clear the way for the Lord was to call for repentance.  That which got him in trouble and led to his death was his call to the king to repent of his violation of the marriage bond.  In Russia, commemorating the devotedly married Saints Peter and Febronia, there is a call for the people to return to a reverence for institution of marriage.  Where is America in relation to this sacred bond?  It was once said here that you can’t legislate morality.  So that has turned out to mean that we can make morality of immorality.  We in this land of the free have moved to destroy marriage and the family, the very underpinnings of society.  We are taking away the freedom to be moral.  Is there not public condemnation of those who reject forced servitude of immorality?

What would St. John the Baptist say of us?  Would he not tell us, just as he did King Herod, that we are on the way to destruction?  Let us therefore repent in heart of any sympathy with immorality.  Let us pray with tears of sympathy for those caught in the web of the false freedom of evil.  Let us rejoice rather in the truth that God-given ways of life are the path to true freedom. 

O Holy Great Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist of the Lord, John, pray to God for us!

Welcome, Newly Baptized Baby Katherine Swensen, baptized this past Wednesday morning, July 4th.  Congratulations to her and her parents, Reader John and Elena, and to the God parents, Archpriest George and Matushka Ioanikkia.

Our Fund Raising Effort - We are taking donations to enable us to start building the parish hall to be erected on our property with the St. Joseph’s Chapel.  Our total stands as of now at $15,780, or 32% of our goal of $50,000.  If you have not yet contributed, please do so.  Everything from the widow’s mite on up will indicate you are backing your prayer with action.  In order to keep growing, we need to make this goal to start our move to the new parish hall on our God-given property.

After our agape meal – “In the Footsteps of St. Patrick” -  Gerry Fagan spoke about her pilgrimage to Ireland, following St. Patrick’s journey, with her husband Rick and Mother Nectaria McLees, editor of “Road to Emmaus" journal. The many slides and photos were inspiring and heartwarming.  We look forward to part two of her presentation shortly.

The Parish Council Meets tonight, Monday, July 9, at 7 PM.

Our Parish Feast and Festal Weekend is this week and coming weekend.  Thursday evening at 6:30pm and Friday morning at 9:40am we will celebrate our feast proper.  There is a potluck meal sign-up in online circulation. Then Vigil Saturday at 5:00pm, and God willing, Metropolitan Jonah has recovered enough from his affliction to serve with us Sunday starting at 9:40am for Hours and Divine Liturgy.  Please add your contribution to the potluck reception at the rectory church on Sunday.  The signup sheet is by the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Festal Preparatory Cleanup - Join together after Divine Liturgy Friday to make our place ship shape for the Metropolitan.  Fr. Christopher Capp will lead the Friday effort.  Sherry (Elena) will continue with whatever is left over Saturday before our vigil.

Architect's Watercolor of New Parish Hall - click to see more...
Architect's Watercolor of New Parish Hall - click to see more...

Andrew Gould’s Inspiration - Architect Andrew Gould’s initial concept drawings have been further expanded to the beautiful watercolor he has made of the parish hall.  A big print of it is sitting on the baptismal font.  A smaller version is on the wall together with the concept drawings already provided.  We are convinced that Andrew is a Godsend.  Please study and be inspired by his art in your giving and praying.

Holy Apostles Youtube Channel and Videos! - See online the results of the labors of Herman Muller in consultation with Matushka Deborah in creating the parish youtube channel.  The channel banner is from the 6th century mosaic icon over the altar of the church of St. Apollinaris in Classe in Ravenna, Italy.  The contents consist of all our videos over the years, leading off with the complete video of June 10th’s fund raising event.

Pray for: Metropolitan Jonah, very nearly recovered.  Remember our travelers the Kalvesmaki family, seeing the American West, Matushka Nikki on pilgrimage in Russia for the anniversary of the Royal martyrdoms, and Abraham Alexander now in Armenia.

The Holy Fire is with us from this year’s Holy Land Pascal celebration, conveyed to Metropolitan Hilarion in New York, conveyed by him to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedra; in Howell, NJ, and conveyed to us from there by a fiend of the parish.  Please avail yourselves of it, and join those who keep the fire burning all the time.  To do this well, you need two oil lamps like those at church that you relight twice daily, one from the other.

Make an Annual Pledge to help us with steady financial help and fulfill  our responsibility to God and each other.  The ideal foundation for giving is a tithe, or 10%.  Those who do this testify of God’s blessings.  Please complete a pledge form and return it to the donation box.


Service and Support Opportunities:

  • Sign up to make a meal for all after Sunday Divine Liturgy, together with cleanup. We need food for up to 60. Add your name to the signup sheet.
  • Holy Apostles Chariots – See Reader Kyril : if you need a ride.
  • Holy Apostles Choir – Required rehearsals are from 7 to 9 PM on Thursdays.
  • The St. Juliana of Lazarevo Sisterhood sees to various needs of the parish, including church decoration and prosphora baking. See Elena Solodkova (Sherry).
  • Nick’s Place is a halfway house for young men recovering from substance abuse. We deliver non-perishable goods. Please donate.
  • A Commemorative Tile made by John Hume is a likeness of our chapel with our name and the verse, “I was glad when they said unto me: Let us go into the house of the Lord.” This beautiful perpetual reminder of mutual prayer can be had for $45.
  • We accept credit cards! We have a card reader that works with smart phones, so, get with the treasurer (or designee), to make donations and purchases.
  • We have an on-line mall service from the eScrip program. The eScrip page of our web site has a link and instructions for use. For items bought through eScrip, merchants donate small referral bonuses to our building fund. Please use this method for your on-line shopping. See our treasurer, Mariya Petrenko for more information.
  • Please sign our Guest Book! - When you visit for the first time please record your coming in the little book by the door, including name and contact information such as address, telephone and email. If you wish to be on our distribution list, please let us know.
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