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Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!

“O good unbelief of Thomas” says one of the hymns for this day.  Not because unbelief in itself is a good, far from it.  But holy apostle Thomas was willing to believe if confronted with the tangible reality of the Resurrection of Christ.  Once convinced, he did not shrink from proclaiming Christ’s divinity and lordship.

Where are we in today’s world?  Are we not rather in a place where, for many, belief is irrecoverable because of Satan’s tyranny even over the senses?  It is part of the mystery of iniquity that, with all the undue emphasis on the pleasures of this life, our senses are deceived to the point that we will not accept tangible intimations of the life to come.  The Mother of God comes to us tangibly in her wonderworking icons.  It has happened that people will not see and sense the wonder right in front of them.  Suspicion is cast on tangible reality.  Even miraculous healing is not believed.

O Risen Lord, protect us from the unbelieving spirit of this age by ever-present knowledge of the reality of the Resurrection.  Make us like Holy Apostle Thomas to proclaim, “My Lord and My God!”

The Sunday after Easter - St. Thomas Sunday - April 15th, 2018
Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!

2018 Lent-to-Pascha Matching Grant Fulfilled! - And then some.  As was communicated earlier this week, we received a grand total of $12,462.00.  God be praised and all blessings to those who contributed.

St. Joseph’s Chapel Property Development- See Andrew Gould’s Concept Drawings - Architect Andrew Gould has completed the initial concept phase and the result is posted on the wall as you come in the door.  We are more and more convinced that God has sent him to us. He has also agreed to produce a watercolor painting of the hall based on his design.  We will need $3,000.00 to support this stage of the development.   Let us not be weary in this instance of well-doing.  “God loveth a cheerful giver.”
God be praised, our warden John Hume has secured a $24,000 grant for continued restoration work on the chapel from the Prince George’s County Historical Commission.  He is also working on a submission for a statewide grant for restoration.  God bless you, John, and all who will be asked to help in the work that comes from this.

Sisterhood Soup - The freezer STILL has a number of containers of home made Lenten soup available at $10 per container.  The soups are REALLY good.  While we don’t need them all days of the week, starting this week we will need something of this sort for Wednesdays and Fridays.  There are few better ways to provide for this and they’re not doing you any good in our freezer, so pick one up and support the sisterhood.

Sunday School at the Rectory Resumes Today - The three younger classes will combine to do a special Pascha class, including a procession with icons!  It will be something the kids really like, if all the other Sunday School experience is any indication.

Church Cleaners In Training - We need volunteers to be trained in cleaning the church for the times when our sexton-in-chief Marc Strumpf is not available. Marc usually cleans on Friday, so please arrange with him when you can come and learn the craft of caring for our church. This is also an opportunity to earn some extra cash, as we pay for every cleaning. Great for kids of various ages in need of work camp!

Please obtain your copy of the beautiful 2018 Church Calendar! - Get more than one if you can, because when you see it, you will always be reminded of your church family and the church’s praying life.  The price is $10.00.

Make an Annual Pledge to help us with steady financial help and fulfill  our responsibility to God and each other.  We make a pledge of a percentage of our income.  The ideal foundation is 10%.  Those who do at least this much can testify of God’s blessings.  Please complete a pledge form and return it to the donation box.

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