Metropolitan Hilarion's Repose

Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, 1st Hierarch of the Russian Church Outside Russia, reposed in the Lord Monday, May 16th at 2:00 PM.  His funeral and burial services remain available on youtube for the Eastern American Diocese.  We highly recommend especially Fr. Victor Potapov's sermon at the funeral.  He knew Vladyka for 55 years from the time they both entered seminary together.  A unique and longterm perspective is presented, revealing the many virtues of this great spiritual leader.

The late Metropolitan was very close to us and our parish.  He ordained both myself and Fr. Christopher to the diaconate and priesthood.  He provided his personal witness and blessing, supporting our parish in its forward looking development.  We possess and treasure his last personal blessing, written in the midst of his ever-increaing struggle with his affliction.

Vladyka once told me that, if he could not completely imitate the ascetic example of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, he could at least attempt to follow his example in being among his flock the world over through his travels.  Although obviously accepting his situation with characteristic humility and joy in following God's will, it must have been a disappointment that he could no longer be physically among his world-wide flock.  It is among my treasured memories to have been with him in Australia in Canberra in 2014 for a choir conference.  Since I could not drive there, I may be among a very few that had the Metropolitan as my driver!  I was surprised and happy to see his almost boyish joy at being among his Australian flock.

We will serve the 9th day memorial for Vladyka Tuesday evening, May 24th, at 7:00 PM.  The Memorial Service will be livestreamed on our Facebook page. 

Palm Sunday Matching Grant Fundraiser exceeds goal




We are pleased to announce that our 2022 Palm Sunday Matching Grant Fundraiser exceeded its donations goal by 41%, raising over $60,000 for our Parish Hall Building Project!

Our prayer is that we can break ground by the spring of 2023. We invite you to watch our website, and follow us on Facebook, for updates and announcements.

Learn more and donate here, and help us build our new Parish Hall, and move to our historic Chapel Campus! 

Welcome to Holy Apostles Orthodox Church


Holy Apostles Orthodox Church is a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), founded with the purpose of bringing the Gospel and Divine Services of the Russian Orthodox Church to the people of America in the English language. We invite you to come to any of the Divine Services or events at our mission church. In 2009 we were gifted a beautiful, historic chapel and two-acre campus by the Christian Brothers. Our vision is to establish the parish in its new home, from where the parish can continue to thrive and grow as a living icon of Orthodox missions in America.


Dear Family of the Parish of Holy Apostles,

Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!

With the bright resurrection of Christ our Savior, I greet all.  Please take advantage of our opportunities for worship in this most blessed time.  Below is what is immediately upcoming.  Please see the service schedule page for news of the rest of the Paschal season through the Sunday after Ascension.

5/17 - Tuesday 7:00 PM Memorial Service for Metropolitan Hilarion, newly reposed. Will be livestreamed on our Facebook page.

5/19 - Thursday 7-9 PM Choir Rehearsal

5/21 – Saturday 5:00 PM Evening Vigil
5/22 – Sunday 9:40 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy – Fifth Sunday of Pascha - The Samaritan Woman - Holy Martyr Christopher - The Patronal Feast of  Priest Christopher and Deacon Christopher

5/26 - Thursday 7-9 PM Choir Rehearsal

5/28 – Saturday 5:00 PM Evening Vigil
5/29 – Sunday 9:40 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy – Sixth Sunday of Pascha - The Sunday of the Blind Man

6/1 – Wednesday 6:30 PM Evening Vigil
6/2 – Thursday 9:40 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy – The Ascension of the Lord - One of the 12 Great Feasts of the Church

6/2 - Thursday no choir rehearsal

6/4 – Saturday 5:00 PM Evening Vigil
6/5 – Sunday 9:40 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy – Sunday after Ascension - The Holy Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council

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EPISTLE BOOK, published by Holy Apostles Orthodox Church

NEW for 2020! 

The only Orthodox Epistle Book using the KJV text. Includes the Acts and the Epistles, arranged for liturgical use according to Russian Orthodox practice. An appendix features all relevant prokeimena and readings for the whole year. Rubrics, introductory notes and monthly calendar for the Church Year are also included. Hardbound with full color dust cover, 632 pages. Published by Holy Apostles Orthodox Church and St Polycarp Press.

Full info and links to order on this special page.

St Romanos the Melodist Society


The St. Romanos the Melodist Society produces and publishes English language music of the Russian Orthodox Church.


The St. Romanos website is the online extension of A Church Singer's Companion, a project started in 1998 with the blessing of Metropolitan (then Archbishop) Laurus. Inspired by the Russian Sputnik Psalomshchika, the Companion is envisioned to contain the music necessary for every service a parish choir might need to sing, while staying simple enough so that any parish choir can sing it.

The St. Romanos Society produces music in both printed and recorded formats, and conducts seminars and workshops on the proper performance of that music. The Society is a sodality of Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Beltsville, Maryland.

To get started looking at music, proceed to the Church Singer's Companion and begin familiarizing yourself with the content. You'll find there are a few more challenging settings mixed in, marked “difficult” or “very difficult”. Audio or video examples accompany some of the music. In addition, the Introduction provides valuable advice about proper church singing and related topics.

Detailed Reviews and Endorsements by clergy and choral professionals are provided for your consideration.