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Holy Apostles Orthodox Church is a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), founded with the purpose of bringing the Gospel and Divine Services of the Russian Orthodox Church to the people of America in the English language. We invite you to come to any of the Divine Services or events at our mission church. In 2009 we were gifted a beautiful, historic chapel and two-acre campus by the Christian Brothers. Our vision is to establish the parish in its new home, from where the parish can continue to thrive and grow as a living icon of Orthodox missions in America.

Special Presentation on our Historic Chapel (VIDEO)
Admiral Daniel Ammen
Admiral Daniel Ammen
Aug. 19, 2023


Admiral Ammen, President Grant, and the Uncreated Light:

Context for our Historic Chapel

A Talk by Dr. Geraldine Fagan

Now available as a two-part video series on our YouTube channel:

Part 1  |  Part 2

Dr. Geraldine Fagan is a parishioner at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church in Beltsville, Maryland.  She graduated in Russian and German from Oxford University in 1995, and is a writer and editor.

Watch our Visual History of our Historic Chapel and Parish Hall

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New Parish Hall - Architect's rendering
New Parish Hall - Architect's rendering

In 2009 our parish was gifted an historic chapel surrounded by two acres of beautiful land. Since then we have been restoring the chapel, and planning the construction of the new parish hall, which would enable us to move from our current location at Twin Chimneys Office Park.

We are approaching the groundbreaking for construction of the new Parish Hall.

Learn more here, and help us build our new Parish Hall, and move to our Historic Chapel Campus!

Views of Parish Life at Holy Apostles
Learn about the Hawaiian Iveron Icon
Learn about the Hawaiian Iveron Icon

Dear Family of Holy Apostles Orthodox Church and Friends,

With the commemoration of the Great Feast of the Dormition of our Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, our liturgical year comes to its close.  The Church provides this image of our Lord and God's earthly life being contained within the life of his most pure mother, the year's great feasts beginning with her Nativity this coming month.  We can thus never forget her place in the story of our salvation.  This, among other reasons, is why we say, "O Most Holy Theotokos, save us!"  We rejoice in her perpetual labor and intercessions for us which began in the sign of her absence from her tomb, as discovered by Holy Apostles Thomas.  We rejoice too in her distinct help with us here at Holy Apostles, most especially in her protection of our new parish hall project, placed under the protection of her wonder-working, myrrh-streaming Hawaiian Iveron Icon.

O Most Holy Theotokos, save us!

With love in our Lord,

Fr. George

Now and Upcoming Shortly:

8/31 - Thursday 7-9 PM Choir Rehearsal

9/2 – Saturday 5:00 PM Evening Vigil
9/3 – Sunday 9:40 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy – the 13th Sunday after Pentecost - Afterfeast of the Dormition - Apostle Thaddeus of the Seventy

9/4 - Monday - Labor Day

9/5 - Tuesday - Apodosis of the Dormition

9/7 - Thursday 7-9 PM Choir Rehearsal

9/9 – Saturday 5:00 PM Evening Vigil
9/10 – Sunday 9:40 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy – the 14th Sunday after Pentecost - St. Moses the Black

9/11 - Monday 7 PM Parish Council via Zoom

Parish Hall Building Fund


Help us build our new Parish Hall,

and move to our historic Chapel Campus!




(Want to contribute to our General Fund?

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Groundbreaking Match Exceeds Goal, raises over $56K!


Our $27,000 Groundbreaking Matching Grant ended July 16, and we exceeded our goal by a significant percentage, raising $56,680 to begin construction.

$29,680.00 raised of $27,000.00

Donations always welcomed...



We invite you to donate to the Building Fund at any time and help us build our New Parish Hall and move to our beautiful campus and historic chapel! 

Watch our Video!

Become a Church Builder!


From 'St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, Zealous Builder of Churches'

Everywhere he went he either oversaw the building of churches or supported the same with his attention and prayers... He wrote about the godly work of building churches: 

"In building churches here on earth, we create for ourselves eternal habitations in heaven."


Read the full article here...

Become a Church Builder!
Become a Church Builder!
Become a Church Builder!
Parish Hall Building Fund Total
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General Fund Contributions

Historic Chapel Restoration

Since 2009 we have been restoring our beautiful chapel, gifted to our parish that year by the Christian Brothers. We have received and administered grants of approximately $400,000 so far, and continue to apply for the grants as they become available.

Chapel Restoration Funds
We've raised



EPISTLE BOOK, published by Holy Apostles Orthodox Church


The only Orthodox Epistle Book using the KJV text.

Includes the Acts and the Epistles, arranged for liturgical use according to Russian Orthodox practice. An appendix features all relevant prokeimena and readings for the whole year. Rubrics, introductory notes and monthly calendar for the Church Year are also included. Hardbound with full color dust cover, 632 pages. Published by Holy Apostles Orthodox Church and St Polycarp Press.

Full info and links to order on this special page.

St Romanos the Melodist Society


The St. Romanos the Melodist Society produces and publishes English language music of the Russian Orthodox Church.


The St. Romanos website is the online extension of A Church Singer's Companion, a project started in 1998 with the blessing of Metropolitan (then Archbishop) Laurus. Inspired by the Russian Sputnik Psalomshchika, the Companion is envisioned to contain the music necessary for every service a parish choir might need to sing, while staying simple enough so that any parish choir can sing it.

The St. Romanos Society produces music in both printed and recorded formats, and conducts seminars and workshops on the proper performance of that music. The Society is a sodality of Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Beltsville, Maryland.

To get started looking at music, proceed to the Church Singer's Companion and begin familiarizing yourself with the content. You'll find there are a few more challenging settings mixed in, marked “difficult” or “very difficult”. Audio or video examples accompany some of the music. In addition, the Introduction provides valuable advice about proper church singing and related topics.

Detailed Reviews and Endorsements by clergy and choral professionals are provided for your consideration.