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Breaking Spiritual Ground (continued) - Yesterday, we celebrated our first Divine Liturgy in our St. Joseph’s chapel property.  In doing so, the place became more and more the spiritual property of Holy Apostles as well as our physical property.  However long it may take, and however many steps it may take, we are on a trajectory to be there for God.  Our physical growth demands it.  Our experience of yesterday confirms it.  The feast of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God perfected our prayer.  Her protecting veil has been experienced and inwardly seen, extending over our God-given property.

A renowned Orthodox architectural designer, Andrew Gould of Charleston, South Carolina, will visit us Thursday through Saturday, the 26th through the 28th of October.  The reason we invite him derives from what he says about our chapel:

Your building is something really special - not an ordinary American church of its vintage, but a really interesting and unusual work of architecture, in a style that is quite rare in this country.  (I think the use of the term 'American Queen Anne' as a catch-all style for any eccentric Victorian building is not very apt here.  It's a Gothic building, and therefore has nothing to do with Queen Anne.  But it's a style of Gothic revival particular to the work of the Arts and Crafts Movement architects in England - especially Philip Webb and William Burgess.  It's quite untypical for an American church, and it has really great medieval character.)  So, yes, I'd be pleased to work on this project.

Andrew wants to take a close look at the chapel and see a bit of our spiritual life, as it will be shown in our services for the departed that weekend.  We will need to monetarily support his coming.  For the sake of our following of God’s will in developing what He has given us, please generously contribute to his travel and professional expenses.  Packets showing Andrew’s work for the Church are available for your perusal.

By our God-given physical growth, we are taking to ourselves Archbishop Gabriel’s founding blessing that we bear fruit 100-fold.  Yesterday’s holy deed begins our spiritual joining with God’s physical gift of both place and people.  While holy and high, our work was also purely rational if we call ourselves a people of God and the “sheep of His pasture.”  It is only fitting and just that we “go…into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise” (Ps. 99, Sept.) as we did, only yesterday.  It is also only fitting that we vigorously pursue the physical perfecting of God’s gift, and that we support that pursuit.  We are merely echoing God’s mercy to us: that mercy that pursues us, all the days of our life (Ps. 22, Sept).


The 19th Sunday after Pentecost – Hieromartyr Cyprian and Virgin Martyr Justina – October 15th, 2017

Sunday School Continues at the Rectory today directly after our agape meal here.  Two of our teachers have been trained in the acclaimed “Catechesis of the God Shepherd” and will be applying this method directly to the teaching of the two youngest classes.  Glory to God!  There are 5 groups altogether.  The pre-school group meets on the sun porch.  The kindergarten-primary group meets in the fireplace family room.  The older elementary and young teen group meets in the kitchen.  The older teenagers meet in the windowed part of the basement.  The adults gather for their forum in the living room.

Meals for Mariya and her family as they welcome and assimilate their new addition, baby boy John:  What an idea, and its time is now! God bless the originator and all the contributors.  A sign-up genius has been sent out.  Please respond as you are able.  God bless us all as we reach out to each other as brothers and sisters.

Prayer and Akathist to the Mother of God healer of Cancer will be served this Wednesday evening, 10/18, at 7 PM.  We owe her all.  Let us join to lift up especially any afflicted in mind, body or spirit.

Choir Rehearsal Time Change! - Beginning this Thursday, choir rehearsals will begin at 7:15 PM to accommodate members’ logistical difficulties.

A Wedding! - On Sunday October 22nd at 3 PM (1 week from today!), Matthew Raybin and Anna Giammarco will be married, God willing, here at Holy Apostles.  God be praised!  Because the rectory is needed for the preparations, there will be no Sunday School classes that day.

Eternal Memory for the newly translated Stephen Senio - Stephen reposed in the Lord at about 7 PM on Thursday, September 14th.  He is buried together with many members of his family in the cemetery of St. Tikhon’s Monastery in Pennsylvania.  How Steve loved our chapel property!  He effected and coordinated the labors to elevate the old holly trees to open a vista, increasing the beauty of God’s gift to us.  We will gather for his 40th day memorial service on Monday, October 23rd, at 7 PM.

Forty Days for Life is in progress now.  We watch and pray for the deliverance of infants from abortion in front of a family planning clinic on Greenbelt Road.  Speak with Matushka Deborah about joining in, especially in our home prayers.

Prayer Books in the Book Store - We have got in more copies of the Jordanville Prayer Book.  This book is our standard usage for home prayers and the texts we use in church.  Please obtain one if you do not have one, and begin to make use of it in your own prayers.  The price is $19.95.

Pray for our Traveler Abraham Alexander.

The Holy Fire from this year’s Pascha in Jerusalem is with us since Bright Wednesday.  We light the church’s lampadas and candles from it.  Our charge is to continue this forever.  It is the light of the Christ’s Resurrection.  The fire is also maintained at the rectory.

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