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The Myrrh Bearers are our example of service.  Would that we all could see to our work with the same humility and diligence shown by Sts. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus and the holy women.  They had all loved, lived with and heard the Lord, but the work they did was the reverent and dutiful following of custom.  They saw to His taking down and provision for His burial.  They did not anticipate the Resurrection.

The women showed the least fear and hesitancy in their attendance to these duties.  They did not know what the soldiers and guards would do, neither did they know how they were going to open the tomb.  The women were rewarded for their diligence by being the first to know of the Resurrection and being the first to encounter the risen Lord.  We do not know what exactly will be the result of our own humility and diligence.  But unlike those myrrh bearers, we know of the Resurrection in advance.  We do know that we strive for salvation and we need that striving and the greater knowledge of the goal into every department of life.  God give us the ability to clear our eyes to see the goal and press toward it, no matter the obstacles.


The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
The Holy Fathers of the first Six Ecumenical Councils
July 27th, 2014

The Holy Fathers of the Councils protect us from those who would confuse us by misrepresenting who God is and what He has done and is doing for us. Our Faith is not a matter of semantics. It is a matter of the meaning of our salvation to which is associated an exact form of words in the Creed and in other teachings of the Fathers. These exact teachings are the light on our path to the Kingdom of God.

Archimandrite Father Daniel Byantoro, Missionary to Indonesia will be with us this Tuesday and Wednesday for a two-evening summer retreat. Each evening, Father’s talk will begin at 7 PM. Tuesday, he will talk on his conversion from Islam to Christianity, a real adventure story. Wednesday, he will talk on the Holy Trinity, which is especially appropriate as we remember the Fathers and their teaching. The flyer is the last page of these announcements. If you have never heard him, you really must come!And for those who have, he is unfailingly inspiring. When do we not need inspiration?

Providing Light Refreshments for Father Daniel’s talks will be coordinated through the St. Juliana Sisterhood. Please speak with Olga Postnikova about your contribution.

Friends of Indonesia, a supporting organization for the Orthodox mission efforts in Indonesia, will be hosted for its board meeting (of which Matushka Deborah is a member) tomorrow afternoon here at Holy Apostles. Please keep their efforts in your prayers.

A St. Juliana Sisterhood Bake Sale (the non-Lenten version) will be held here during our agape meal on Sunday, August 10th. The Sisterhood has already been contacted, but if you would like to make a contribution for this, please see Olga Postnikova. The revenue supports the Sisterhood’s activities, all of which support the parish.

Our Ugandan Friend, Father Christopher Walusimbi, rector of the Church of the Annunciation on Bukasa Island in Lake Victoria, is in Canada visiting relatives and friends and we have talked to him. He won’t be able to be with us this year, but we hope for an extended visit after Pascha next year. He wants to be with us and help us with our new church. Remember that Father has built his church, cutting his stone out of the on-site supply and erecting it stone on stone. He and his people know the definition of “from the ground up.”

Chapel News “Oh Lord, I have loved the beauty of Thy house, and the place where Thy glory dwelleth.” Working at the chapel is your chance to put this love into operation and by this means contribute to the work-in-kind requirement of this year’s $86,000+ grant. Your work therefore is a definite contribution, even if you don’t have seemingly applicable skills. For example, from our number, an accountant and a musician have put their oars in to good effect, so join them for fellowship, exercise and fresh air in a completely beautiful setting. Consult with John for specifics. This work can go on any time in good weather.

We have an electrical contractor. Permit acquisition and on-site planning meetings of all the parties will happen within the next two or three weeks. According to John, once started, this is a two-week job. This will leave us enough time and, God willing, money to get started on the work with WSSC for water. Who knows? One thing we do know: we have ample evidence that God is in charge.

Please keep all these efforts and people in your prayers.

Remember to pray for our travelers Elena and Daniel Swensen, visiting Elena’s family. God willing, they will return in August just before Dormition. This week too, John Hume and his wife, Lynne, are traveling. Let us pray for a fruitful and restful sojourn for all and for their safe return. We welcome back Olga and John and the Kalvesmaki’s.

Vigils are Vital – Central to our Russian tradition is the Vigil service the evening before every celebration of the Divine Liturgy. The Vigil Service is a primary source of our Faith and Tradition, regularly offered. It is, after the Divine Liturgy, then most important time for assembling for corporate prayer. The Vigil is also the standard time for confession in preparation for Holy Communion. It is the prayerful analogy to the “pillar of fire” to guide us through the night of this life. While attendance requires planning and may entail inconvenience, it will do you and all of us good.

Our Riderwood people – In the Arbor Ridge nursing-rehabilitation facility are Don and Betty Chisholm. Arbor Ridge is just inside the Riderwood entrance by Calverton Shopping Center. As shut-ins, they would appreciate us seeing them. Please take the opportunity, and you might also run into their very nice family.

Through the devoted offices of Father Deacon John and Joannikia Dean, her daughter, Dorothy Dague remains in her apartment and is regularly with us.

Service Opportunities
Meal Signups – Join those who offer a meal in the upcoming weeks. The list is by the refrigerator.
Nick’s Place – Non-perishable goods go to this halfway house for young men recovering from substance abuse. See Monica Pelt or Thomas Hurlock.
Holy Apostles Chariots is our “ride-to-church” service. See Reader Kyrill Shillen.
The Choir– Rehearsals are from 7 to 9 PM on Thursdays. New members are always welcome. See Nicholas Baumann.
The St. Juliana of Lazarevo Sisterhood sees to various needs of the parish. See Olga Postnikova.

Items for Purchase to Support Holy Apostles
A Commemorative Tile fashioned by our warden, John Hume of Sligo Creek Tile, contains our name, the verse, “I was glad when they said unto me: Let us go into the house of the Lord,” and a lovely view of the chapel. These are for sale for $45. It can remind us to pray for each other and help us tell our story.

2014 Wall Calendars are available for a donation of $7.00 per calendar. This will help keep up with the feasts and fasts, and daily Scripture readings.

Other Ways to Support the Parish – We accept credit cards! We have a card reader that works with smart phones, so, get together with the treasurer or the designee, to make donations and purchases.

We have an on-line mall service from the eScrip program. The Building Fund page of our web site has a link and instructions for use. For a purchase made through eScrip, the merchant donates a small referral bonus to our building fund. Please use this method for your on-line shopping. Please see our treasurer, Mariya Petrenko for more information.

Visitors and Guests please sign the guest book near the church-shaped donation box, including contact information such as address, telephone and email.

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