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The Myrrh Bearers are our example of service.  Would that we all could see to our work with the same humility and diligence shown by Sts. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus and the holy women.  They had all loved, lived with and heard the Lord, but the work they did was the reverent and dutiful following of custom.  They saw to His taking down and provision for His burial.  They did not anticipate the Resurrection.

The women showed the least fear and hesitancy in their attendance to these duties.  They did not know what the soldiers and guards would do, neither did they know how they were going to open the tomb.  The women were rewarded for their diligence by being the first to know of the Resurrection and being the first to encounter the risen Lord.  We do not know what exactly will be the result of our own humility and diligence.  But unlike those myrrh bearers, we know of the Resurrection in advance.  We do know that we strive for salvation and we need that striving and the greater knowledge of the goal into every department of life.  God give us the ability to clear our eyes to see the goal and press toward it, no matter the obstacles.


The Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost

Venerable Father Nestor the Chronicler

November 9th, 2014


St. Nestor the Chronicler recorded the lives and acts of the first fathers of the Kiev Caves. He was noted for his devotion, humility and asceticism. What he recorded revealed a pattern of Christian life that continues to define Russia, in spite of the depredations of the Mongol hordes and the Bolshevik gangsters. In our icon of the Fathers of the Caves, St. Nestor is the fourth from the left in the third row from the bottom. To this day, visitors to the Great Lavra of the Caves may witness the continuing miracle of heavenly, fragrant oil streaming from the relics of these long-reposed saints. This is the same miracle to which we bear witness in the icon of the Iveron Mother of God of Hawaii that came to us a little over a week ago. In this connection…


The Kursk Root Icon of the Sign of the Mother of God will come to us the Friday evening after Thanksgiving, the 28th at about 7 PM, God willing. As with the Iveron icon, we will serve a prayer service with the Akathist Hymn. This occasion is something not to be missed. We become part of the seven-century history of this wonder-working icon before which countless people have been healed, including St. Seraphim of Sarov.


Sunday School happens directly after our agape meal. The front table and the choir area will be devoted to this purpose. Please speak to Paraskeve Kalvesmaki if you would like to help with Sunday School in any way. Fr. George will be conducting catechesis for adults new to the Faith during this same Sunday School time.


The Parish Council Meetingwill be at the church Tuesday evening at 7 PM.


The Orthodox Christian Fellowship, College Park chapter meets Tuesdayat 5:30 PM, in the West Garden Chapel at the University of Maryland for Vespers and Bible study. Father Cosmas Karellas and Father Christopher lead these efforts. Keep the clergy and students in your prayers.

A Bible Study happens Wednesday evenings at 7, led by Father Christopher. The study is now in 1st Corinthians. Please come, especially those new to the Faith.


Constantine Zalalas will speak next week on “Christian Perfection” November 16th after Divine Liturgy. We hope to take him and those with him to see the progress on the chapel. He has been instrumental in prayer and in his connections to help us with our new church building. Please take a flyer or two from the tract rack in the back and let others know he is coming.


Chapel News Major utility work on its way to completion as well as great improvement to the grounds and building are the accomplishments for this year. The tireless work of our Warden John Hume and those who have labored with him in getting to this point deserve our gratitude. We thank God for them.


Our application for the MNCPPC Historical Properties Grant for 2015 has been completed and will be submitted tomorrow. God bless Mariya and John.


The next big phase for grant support will directly involve the flooring. This directly affects the heating and air conditioning. In order to know how all this will be configured, we must flesh out our vision for the interior design. I have taken the liberty of developing ideas and have begun to involve others. What we do has to take into account history, art and architecture all devoted to making an Orthodox church building. Please pray for this. There is much more to come.


Friends of Indonesia – FOI is organized to support Fr. Daniel Byantoro and those with him in a major Orthodox mission to Indonesia. FOI had its quarterly meeting this past Friday here at Holy Apostles. Matushka Deborah is now a member of its board. A fund-raising mailing is being prepared. For two months in a row there was not enough money to pay Fr. Daniel his monthly stipend. We hope there will be enough donations coming in from the fundraiser to cover this.


He continues his missionary work in Indonesia, the largest Moslem country in the world. It is against Moslem law for someone to convert to Christianity. Sometimes people pay with their lives, other times, they lose their jobs and become second-class citizens.


Fr. Daniel preaches our Faith to Protestants, Catholics, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus. It is a great mission, and dangerous. Keep him in your prayers. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive the upcoming Friends of Indonesia newsletter. Matushka Deborah would be glad to share more about Fr. Daniel’s missionary work – just ask.


The Parish Thanksgiving Potluck will be held on Sunday, November 23rd, two weeks from now, for our agape meal. Please indicate your contribution with your name and the name of the item on the signup sheet by the refrigerator. Speak to Olga or Matushka Deborah if there are any questions.


A Memorial Service, a Pannikhida for the 1st anniversary of the repose of Nun Taisia on Sunday, November 23rd at 7 PM. Olga Prisekin lived out her last years among us here as an mother-aunt-grandmother figure, both learning through becoming conversant with English services, and teaching by her witness, prayer and example. May her memory be eternal!


Continue to pray for our parishioner, Genevieve Waters. She will need continuous help and will welcome contacts. Please speak with Matushka Deborah about this.

Contact Information:

Genevieve Waters

10-court, unit B, Plateau Place

Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


Renew your Membership or Become a Member of Holy Apostles Orthodox ChurchYou must be Orthodox first of course, but please take a membership form from the tract rack in the back and make a pledge of financial support for 2015. The tithe, or 10% of income, should be the foundation of giving. Please take a pamphlet on this subject, available in the back. From this pledge, we can know how to budget for the year, so please take care of this as soon as you can. God bless you for your gift.


Vigils are Vital – Central to our Russian tradition is the Vigil service the evening before Divine Liturgy. Vigils are a primary source of our Faith and Tradition. After the Divine Liturgy, the Vigil is the important time for corporate prayer. Vigil is also the standard time to confess in preparation for Holy Communion. It is an analogy to the “pillar of fire” to guide us through the night of this life. While attendance requires planning and may entail inconvenience, it will do you and all of us good.


Our Riderwood people – In the Arbor Ridge nursing-rehabilitation facility are Don and Betty Chisholm. Arbor Ridge is just inside the Riderwood entrance by Calverton Shopping Center. They appreciate visitors. Thanks to Father Deacon John and Joannikia Dean, her daughter, Dorothy Dague is still in her Riderwood apartment and is regularly with us.


Service Opportunities

Meal Signups – Sign up to make a meal for all after Divine Liturgy.

Nick’s Place – Non-perishable goods go to this halfway house for young men recovering from substance abuse. The orange bin is by the closet.

Holy Apostles Chariots is our “ride-to-church” service. See Reader Kyrill Shillen.

The Choir– Rehearsals are from 7 to 9 PM on Thursdays. See Nicholas Baumann.

The St. Juliana of Lazarevo Sisterhood sees to various needs of the parish. See Olga Postnikova.


Items for Purchase and Other Ways to Support Holy Apostles

A Commemorative Tile made by John Hume, has our name, the verse, “I was glad when they said unto me: Let us go into the house of the Lord,” and a front view of the chapel. One can be had for $45. Use it as a reminder for mutual prayer.

A 2014 Wall Calendar is available for a donation of $7.00. Keep up with the feasts, fasts, and daily Scripture readings.

We accept credit cards! We have a card reader that works with smart phones, so, get with the treasurer (or designee), to make donations and purchases.

We have an on-line mall service from the eScrip program. The Building Fund page of our web site has a link and instructions for use. For things bought through eScrip, merchants donate small referral bonuses to our building fund. Please use this method for your on-line shopping. Please see our treasurer, Mariya Petrenko for more information.


Visitors and Guests please sign the guest book near the church-shaped donation box, including contact information such as address, telephone and email.

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