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The Miraculous Wonder-Working Icon of the Mother of God of Iveron of Hawaii was with us yesterday.  We sang to her the Akathist Hymn of St. Romanos the Melodist.  We lifted up our voices to pray for everyone, especially the sick.  At the end of October, the clergy of the Eastern Diocese will gather for our fall retreat, coinciding with one of the feasts of the Iveron Icon, at which the icon will be present.

The Mother of God, the Most Blessed Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, is with us continuously, ever divulging all that she has stored in her heart about the wonders of her Son and our God.  The Church always treasures her presence.  She is an embodiment of the peace that passes comprehension.  Our experience testifies to this.  We should not wonder that we cry out to her in near desperation to help us, to pick us up as does a mother, in such a time of chaos as we are living through.  In our desperate need, we yet cry out “Rejoice!” to her.  The Holy Apostle Paul has the formula: “Rejoice in the Lord alway!”  And make no mistake; rejoicing in her IS rejoicing in the Lord.  We find that we rejoice because with her help we can be filled with joy, even in hard circumstances.

The Mother of God is herself a big part of the Lord’s promise to be always with us.  As she hovered over his developing physical body in her womb, as she took care of him as a young person, even so she hovers around his Body, the Church, she points the way to Him in everything she does.  Everything she does is a submission to His divine will.  We watch her, we follow her, we imitate her, and, in so doing, we are unfailingly part of Him.  Let no one suggest any other course than to be perfect imitators of her, if we would be one with our Lord.


The 14th Sunday after Pentecost – Venerable Moses the Ethiopian – September 10th, 2017

A Collection for the Synodal Music Commission of our Church will be taken today, per our Bishops’ direction.  Please contribute to the support of this important work.

A Sunday School Teachers Meeting will be held during our agape meal at the table nearest the altar to plan for the year.

The Parish Council will meet tomorrow evening, Monday, September 11th, at 7 PM.

Father George and Matushka Deborah will be traveling.  We will be gone from midweek over the weekend and back the middle of the next week.  We are visiting Matushka’s mother Evelyn for her 96th birthday.  Please keep us in your prayers.  Father Christopher will attend to pastoral matters and will be serving in our absence.

Our Treasurer Mariya hopes to be delivered of a baby boy tomorrow.  God bless her, the family, and especially the new little Petrenko.

Prayer Books in the Book Store - We have got in more copies of the Jordanville Prayer Book.  This book is our standard usage for home prayers and the texts we use in church.  Please obtain one if you do not have one, and begin to make use of it in your own prayers.  The price is $19.95.

Security Proposal  for our Chapel Received - We have received the first proposal and are evaluating it.  We will seek other proposals and estimates.

Loaves and Fishes - The fruit keeps falling into our basket.  Keep up your prayers.

Pray for our Travelers – Keep in your prayers Abraham Alexander in his travels.

The Holy Fire from this year’s Pascha in Jerusalem is with us since Bright Wednesday.  We light the church’s lampadas and candles from it.  Our charge is to continue this forever.  It is the light of the Christ’s Resurrection.  The fire is also maintained at the rectory.


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