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The Myrrh Bearers are our example of service.  Would that we all could see to our work with the same humility and diligence shown by Sts. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus and the holy women.  They had all loved, lived with and heard the Lord, but the work they did was the reverent and dutiful following of custom.  They saw to His taking down and provision for His burial.  They did not anticipate the Resurrection.

The women showed the least fear and hesitancy in their attendance to these duties.  They did not know what the soldiers and guards would do, neither did they know how they were going to open the tomb.  The women were rewarded for their diligence by being the first to know of the Resurrection and being the first to encounter the risen Lord.  We do not know what exactly will be the result of our own humility and diligence.  But unlike those myrrh bearers, we know of the Resurrection in advance.  We do know that we strive for salvation and we need that striving and the greater knowledge of the goal into every department of life.  God give us the ability to clear our eyes to see the goal and press toward it, no matter the obstacles.


The 4th Sunday after Pentecost – St. Jonah, Metropolitan of Moscow – June 14th, 2015

St. Jonah served, led and protected his flock as Metropolitan of Moscow from 1448 to 1461.  This was a time of great trouble.  The original Russian capital of Kiev suffered a forced union with Rome.  This was a byproduct of the Greek leadership’s desire for union with Rome in hopes of saving Constantinople from the Ottoman Turks.  St. Jonah staved off attempts to bring about this union in northern Russia.  During his time, the Tartar horde laid siege to Moscow.  Through the prayers of the people led by St. Jonah, this attempt at heathen domination of the last free Orthodox capital disintegrated in confusion and terror.  His personal holiness and ascetic labors were strengthened by God to enable him to inspire all in his connection to great feats of prayer for Divine aid.  He inspires us too.  We need to pray for strength to ignite and make active our Faith in the face of very present challenges.  With what have we come into union in this culture?  Where are we, where am I, in the life of faith and tradition?  Once, members of the flock of St. John Maximovitch decided to break with tradition and have a Halloween Ball instead of going to the vigil service.  After the vigil, St. John, so to speak, crashed the party.  When he entered the hall, the music stopped.  He went to each of the partygoers and looked into each face without saying a word.  What would be the character of his glance at me if I lay aside faithful prayer and a faithful life?  And make no mistake, they are one and the same.  To withstand the cultural assaults, we must join with St. John and St. Jonah and all the heavenly host to call on our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We must bear this Cross, because it is the way to salvation.  We are very far from alone in doing so.  We must rejoice and give thanks for the part we may be called to play.


Take Advantageof the Kalvesmaki Coffee offered today and next Sunday in the back of the church during the Apostles Fast.  Revenue from its sale goes to help the parish through the sisterhood.


St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco will be remembered in services this Friday evening and Saturday morning.  We have the chance to come together with the whole Church to call for the aid of this great wonderworker of our own time.


Our Annual Parish Festival will this year encompass the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul and the Synaxis of the Holy Apostles.  Metropolitan Jonah plans to be with us for all the festal services.  The St. Juliana Sisterhood is collecting today for flowers for the feast.  Please contribute.  Here is the schedule for that weekend:


7/11 – Saturday 5:00 PMEvening Vigil

7/12 – Sunday 9:30 AMHours & Divine Liturgy followed by a potluck meal – please contribute

7/12 – Sunday 6:30 PM Evening Vigil

7/13 – Monday 9:30 AM Hours & Divine Liturgy followed by a potluck meal – please contribute


Chapel News Come fall in love with God’s wonderful gift and take part in the workdays coming up.  We are this month meeting with contractors to plot out this year’s work.  Please pray for God’s direction.


Meal Signups Need Refreshing – No one has as yet signed up for upcoming Sundays, starting with next Sunday.  Please take occasion to support the parish community in this way.


Loaves and Fishes is the name of our ever-ongoing fundraising effort.  Fundraising is an essential part of our budget as well as a good way to acquaint people with our ongoing life.   Please give our Treasurer and keeper of the list, Mariya Petrenko, names and addresses of those you know that would appreciate knowing about us and who might contribute to the loaves and fishes.  We are getting ready for a mailing soon, so please help with this.


Orthodox Christians! – Make a Financial Pledge and Become a Member of Holy Apostles Orthodox ChurchPlease take a membership form from the tract rack in the back and make a pledge of financial support.  The tithe, or 10% of income, is the Biblical foundation of giving and is recommended.  This benefits both the parish and the giver.  Benefactors are prayed for at every service.  The experience of those who give to the church shows that God indeed loves a cheerful giver, even in material ways.  The leap of Faith must be made.


Timeliness, the Key to the Treasure House – While the kingdom of God that we all seek is timeless, outside of time, we nonetheless live and worship in time.  We thus worship at certain times.  Our services are packed with spiritual riches. Therefore, to get all that God has for us in them, we should be at them, on time.  Things can unavoidably impede, but among those things should not be our lack of attention to time.  God bless us with everything that is here for us and for us with each other, at the times set for us.  “Behold, now is the accepted time.”


Vigils are Vital  – Central to our Russian tradition is the Vigil service the evening before Divine Liturgy.  Vigils are a primary source of our Faith and Tradition.  After the Divine Liturgy, the Vigil is the important time for corporate prayer.  Vigil is also a standard time for the mystery of repentance and confession.  The vigil is analogous to the “pillar of fire” to guide us through the night of this life.


Father Moses Berry long-time friend and pastor of the parish dedicated to the Mother of God, Joy of All who Sorrow in Ashgrove, Missouri, needs a kidney transplant.  Please keep him, Matushka Magdalena and family in your prayers.

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